Shining a renewable light on colours


There is a growing need for energy around the world, and in South Africa particularly, the energy system is under significant pressure.  Escalating costs and currency depreciation are only some of the factors affecting the upward climb of electrical tariffs.  The unfortunate part is the effect this has on manufacturers, and consumers.   SAPY is always concerned about the impact our operations have on the environment and therefore is constantly researching and investigating ways and methods to minimize our impact.

Naturally, part of our focus is on clean and renewable energy.  Our first step was to replace all our lights with LED lights.  Then we looked to the power.  Single source renewable energy solutions, while clean and efficient, only work when the resource is there to be harnessed. Therefore, to maximize the available resources and provide consistent and stable energy generation, the team at SAPY embarked on a pilot Hybrid Renewable Energy System (HRES) combining wind and solar energy.  The combined output of the solar photovoltaic panel and wind turbine is providing sufficient electricity for SAPY’s lighting in and around the 70,000m² plant.  This is a proud first in the South African masterbatch industry, and a first in Hammarsdale.

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